Our Covid Measures

Our Covid Measures

The COVID-19 virus is still causing havoc on our local and global society, posing major health and economic risks. Our goal at Swiss International Boarding School Leukerbad is to provide as much face-to-face education as practical while ensuring a healthy, safe atmosphere for all members of our school community.Regarding COVID-19, we respect all Swiss federal and Canton ofValais requirements for schools.

What should I do if my child tests positive?

If your child tested positive with an antigenic test at home, please take all necessary precautions to prevent infection and consult your doctor or the Covid helpline for instructions, following which you should notify your child’s section office.

The steps in place:

As advised by the Swiss authorities, we have implemented the following measures concerning the usage of masks and hygiene, the airflow of rooms and the cleaning of surfaces.

With the rise in instances owing to the Omicron strain, every parent should keep a close eye on their wards on a daily basis for any symptoms that could indicate a Covid virus and must be tested. As a community of parents, students, and staff, it is our common obligation to meticulously implement the Covid health protection procedures outlined below in order to reduce the risk of Covid spread and maintain regular classroom learning.

Masks, Hygiene and Sanitization

Ventilation and Physical Distancing

Sports,Cultural activities and Trips



All of the ‘total school’ initiatives listed above assist boarding students. This section on our boarding-specific metrics provides a greater detail.

Travelling to SIBS, Leukerbad


All school internal facilities, including rooms, kitchens, restrooms, and classrooms, continue to be cleaned to a high standard.

Masks and protective equipment:

Social distancing



In the event of a positive case

At present, the frequency of contamination is significant, and the entire community, as well as schools, are impacted daily. As a result, it is critical that each parent attentively examines their children’s possible symptoms on a regular basis in order to prevent sending their ward to school, if required, and avoiding any possible spread of infection.

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