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Leukerbadis an extremely exquisite geographical location nestled between France, Italyand Germany. One may pop on a day trip or even for the weekend over to Italy, as it is only 86 kilometres away, for an Italian meal with authentic Italian coffee and gelato or meander over to France, 290 kilometres away, for one’s petit dejuiner! Should one wish for a schnitzel, Germany is only 290 kilometres away also. All this may be done through many transportation mediums, even cycling!
Leukerbad – commonly and locally called as the sports city has a rich and extensive range of sports to offer to all its students. We are truly a community of students and parents that are fond of sports.
Skiing is readily available, along with snow-boarding and cross country skiing. We have a magnificent sized sports arena comprising of a gymnasium, ice hockey court and squash courts as well as the luxury of the natural thermal baths to soothe tired and aching muscles after the days activities!
At SIBS, we have a large number of sports facilities such as badminton, swimming, golf, trekking, football, skiing, snowboarding, squash, ice-skating and what not!
The real overall attributes of students are truly enhanced by sports.


The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit. This further develops various skills for students such as making them a disciplined individual, enhancing their communication, making them leaders of tomorrow, how to work in a team and this in turn motivates them into high achieving, performing individuals, even under pressure.
Leukerbad truly showcases both indoor and outdoor activities which are world class. Students receive the entire access to all the facilities with supervision. We also provide the students with a 365 card as part of our extremely attractive package.
For those students whom have an inclination towards artistic attributes, our purpose built auditorium with fantastic acoustics is a great place for music performances or for the theater enthusiast.
SIBS also consists of all the natural based and building facilities available. The history of our school is quite remarkable and we have endeavored to restore the natural fabrications of our school whilst modernizing our learning tools in accordance with today’s educational standards, if not surpassing them.

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