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“SIBS follow the IGCSE curriculum which has numerous benefits and provides countless opportunities’ for our students.”
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Every student is a wonderful plant with a distinct style and scent that contributes to the beauty of the world. They all have a wide range of skills and therefore must be given the opportunity to develop them in their domain. The IGCSE curriculum will undoubtedly open doors for you to follow your passion. This programme has been designed to polish a stone into a diamond.

The IGCSE programme focuses on improving learners’ cognitive, problem-solving, and communication abilities in order to reveal their inner qualities. This programme emphasises investigation based understanding on concepts, which stimulates students’ curiosity. The students are encouraged to ask questions, glance through the learning resources, brainstorm, discuss, and share their thoughts. As a result, learning turns into being a more pleasurable and healthier experience whereby our students are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning also. Learners with intellectual disabilities benefit greatly from this educational method because they learn to link their classroom learning to real-life situations and that’s where they learn to face real life issues and solve them with an ease.

The IGCSE board offers a wide range of subjects to students.

We help our students tailor their subject choice to their interest but also prepare them for subjects which may be useful in their future. The ability to choose a topic of interest motivates students to work hard and passionately on it. Every student is unique, so this curriculum is quite useful for deciding their goals and what has to be done based on one’s capability and range.

For students with learning dificulties, the IGCSE programme is very beneficial since it provides them with a bold platform to convey their understanding of the topic. This board promotes a practise of continual assessment of learners’ understanding that aims at providing valuable feedback. This evaluation style aids students with learning disabilities in reducing academic performance stress and anxiety. On a regular basis, the teacher and the student work together in the areas of development. Continuous study focus on the progress of the students rather than just the grades. This instils confidence and motivation in the students.

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